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up in connection with adlai stevenson was newton minow. >> guest: yes. yes. c-span: what was their relationship? >> guest: well... c-span: he's still ar... >> guest: he's... c-span: he's still alive. >> guest: he's still around, yes. yes, very much so. there are a number of characters from adlai stevenson's life. this, by the way, and i'll get back to minow, is one of the things about stevenson, that he attracted this generation of americans, and even now there are a number of people who are in public life who will say, 'well, i got into politics because i was inspired by adlai stevenson.' there is something sort of mentoring in the language we use today about stevenson. he paid attention to these people like newt minow, who was one of his assistants who worked in the state government with him in illinois and then was active in the '56 campaign and then went on to become head of the fcc. c-span: this is the book, "the stevensons: a biography of an
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american family." you'll see it on the screen in a moment. the guest isauthor here is jean h. baker and we thank you very much. >> guest: thank you. pleasure to be here. ..
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[applause] [applause] thank you, thank you so much. [applause] that's so sweet. [applause] thank you. thanks, everybody. [applause] i can't believe liberals got to the sound system already. [laughter] i haven't said the first word, are you kidding me? i'm so honored and delighted you could join me tonight as i introdpiews my new book "50 things liberals love to hate." the book is about liberals not democrats who are aren't that much different from republicans in many respects. the book is dedicated to the fee pee wishes more in america were liberal. think michael bhoor and nancy pelosi, your local college professor. think the driver of the crazy car with all of the bush is
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hitler bumper stickers on the back of the car. [laughter] , you know, think the check out help with the master disagree in gender study wearing a head band at the local whole foods store. you get the picture, right? [laughter] and they dominate professions that leave a large cultural imprint from the great country of ours. professors like arts, academia, the artses. the fastest growing band of entertainers. cirque du soleil ak acrobats. who call are the people who call themselves liberal. how do they leave a huge impact? what motivates them? i've been watching liberals closely for over thirty years. i have studied liberals like jane studies her chimps in the natural has been habitats a and
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without judgment in silence mostly. we barely speak the language. i lived with liberals, i teased them, i intimidated them and even loved some of them. some of my best friends are liberals some are mebsz of my own family. my commitment to understanding liberals sometimes worried my good deer conservative friends. some questioned the mental health. i read the new yorker magazine. i went to see the have a define that monologues. i listened to npr. i learned everything one could by tuning in to all things considered. [laughter] and i even washed my carbon footprint who owns suv and cools his home in dallas. what did i learn from my three decades of tireless research?
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they don't love many things about the world. they are troying to correct, fix, and mend every aspect of other people's daily lives. they spend lot of time thinking about how to cure the ills, they love the hate things that most americans love. they spend the rest of their lives endlessly trying to take them away from us. they do it because they love it. thus was born the book fifty thingings liberals love to hate. i hope you'll enjoy it. mcdonald or whole stole my happy meal. [laughter] remember really as are at it again. right off the bat. if you can build a time machine not far say fifty years or so and you're told the first american you saw in the future that man would walk on the moon. we carry video phones the desk of a playing car cards and poor
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meshes would be fat. i bet the response would be poor people are fat. they are supposed to be skinny. rich people look like old photographs of poor people during the great description. the poor people look like the rich guys and the robber barons of the 1890s. conservative see a chubby person and they think lay off the bread. would it kill to you have to have a salad. liberals see it and think we should establish new federal programs and guidelines to curve the program. who do they blame? mcdonaldss. why? they sell delicious cheeseburgers and frees and a lot of other things. even the beloved happy meal is
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under assault by politicians around the country and some who call themselves scientists. one group in a very vicious sounding name, the center for science in the public interest threatened to sue mcdonald if they didn't stop selling happy meals. inspect typical nanny high beshly they equated it child abuse and child molestation. it is the stranger in the playground outing out can city to children. it's a creepy and predatory practice that warrants an injunction. it was gardener's statement that sounded creepy. the fact is liberals hate mechanic donald and the competitors because they symbolize everything about america they loathe. the ability to deliver high quality in a convenience and speed and the inability to inspire and support businesses that can be franchised across
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the globe and void millions of jobs. they hate that last part. mcjobs. it job isn't something that is useful. to thely really a that 25% of all working americans and have worked at the mcdomed or one of the competitors. that's something truly alarms rib -- liberals. it's not sure why. it's a terrific way to learn job skills. it's a red flag. the hatred of mcdonald no knows now limit. it is gross 2004 drowment i are "supersize me." writer activist morgan spur lock, that's his real name hated it so much he decided to eat it for thirty straight days. three times a day and what happened? surprise of surprises he gained 24 pounds. i suspect that would have happened if he had decided to
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eat at ihope three times a someday for a full month. the fact is he wasn't interest anything but vilifying mcdonalds. why didn't he choose to eat ice cream sunday and do a docket i are about that or cheese or canned ham? but that would not have made him famous. that would not have made him the michael moore of the generation. come of to this he should have followed michael moore around all day. [laughter] that would have been fun to watch. the truth is, supersize me wasn't as much a documentary as it was a film stunt. what it really did was super size more begun's bank account and as a capitalist. i'm for that even if he is not. the food fashionist love to hate on mcdonalds but many other potential targets are somehow sparred.
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starbucks which sells sugared drinks by the crate and high calorie coffee drinks which are fancy milkshakes are exempt from the fast food hatred. if you get fat on a double quarter pounder with cheese they want to pass laws. if you get fat on the chocolate lattes. they are dloighted to look the other way. what they represent is entrepreneur risk. what both the founder of mcdonald and the founder of starbucks have in common both of them took something that meshes loved and figured out a way to serve it faster and better. liberals dislike that. job skills, training on an actual job? liberals hate that. serving up food that is delicious and fattening and requires individuals to exercise a little self-control, personal ronlt, liberals hate that.
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all that hate wrapped up in a card board box and special sauce, a pickle fries, if you're a liberal and you're feeling heck i are right now. i have bad news. you might be a conservative. [laughter] [applause] now let me make a confession. sometimes when i find myself in a really liberal part of town, you know, the part of town i'm talking about, right? yoga studio and vegan on board bumper stickers. that's kind of thing. i always make sure that i'm wearing my american flag pin somewhere conspicuous. it's a silly game i play with myself and with them. i know. i'm baiting them. i realize that. for some reason i can't help myself. they hate the pins. i'm not sure why they hate the
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pins. they hate it more than the actual american flags it seems to me. if had the same neighborhood you see the american flag flying high. maybe it's because it's smaller and eye level. it's in your face and personal. in a place that is not usually found rather than next to a judge. i'll be at the court or ask someone a question and see their eyes flecker to the lapel. you know the look i'm talking about. what's that? what's wrong with the guy? and winding up with a shudder dust probably some kind of america freak. i bet he's right-winged nuts too. almost like i had a swastica. that's not why they hate it, is it? i always wear it in public, i'm not making a big political statement. i'm not telling you who to vote for, the american flag lapel pin
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i wear means this. i'm grateful to live in a country that honors and protects freedom that offers boundless opportunities to our citizens. and that does the best to nurture the noblest part of the human spirit. when i wear the flag win, i love my country. maybe that's why liberals seem to hate it so much. in short, they have the vocabulary down. they know how to frame the sentence so it sounds like a decoration of patriotic feeling. i love america, i love the idea of america. and then comes the inevitable but. and the parade of horribles falls. they list all the things america has done to let them down. the injustices is and the feelings from the moment the pilgrims landed to the election of george w. bush. [laughter] i wonder -- i have to wonder
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president -- if liberals do this with their lives. wives. i love you darling, but the extra few pounds, thigh weren't there when we first met. liberals have reservations about everything america. when they see a flag they automatically put ans a risk. yes but they want to say. we're too rich and the cars are too big we drive too much and eat too much. we are too american. yes we save europe as a beacon of liby. we're too religious to be a sophisticated country. during his run up to the election, then senator barack obama got in to more than a couple of flag flaps. remember? there was at scene at the event with the democrat candidates tanning on the stage in iowa listening to the national anthem. recreating him. all but one had a hand really firmly over the heart. guess who? i'll give you a hint.
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the initials b. h. o. no big deal you say? there was that associated press story back in october of 2007. as the one he went out of the stop to wearing an american flag lapel pin. he explained his position in independents of iowa, of all places he said, quote my attitude is -- less concerned about what you're wearing. try that with your wifes. i love you honey, i love you sweety, i'm not buying you those big diamond earrings. i'm less concerned with what you wear on the ears than what's inside your heart. president obama was asked again about the pin in an interview with cgrg tv in cedar rapids iowa, i had a spin after 9/11. shortly after 9/11 because we're talking about the iraq war that became a substitute for i think true patriotism which is speaking out on issues that are important to the national
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security. he said that. it kept getting worse. the pin he said he didn't like, he actually used to like until everyone in america started liking. pee stopped liking it. in that interview, he actually refer to the american flag lapel pin as that pin. >> i won't wear that pin on my chest instead i'm going to try to tell the american people what i believe will make the country great and hopefully that will be a testimony to my patism. >> you heard it right. you heard it right. he called "that pin." a little bit like bill clinton referred to "that woman." remember? [applause] but not to fear, not to worry, president obama came around. that pin he stopped wearing because it didn't really show what was in his heart he is now wearing near his heart today just about every day. it's one of the chose cheesy things you have to do as president, i guess. when he returns to civilian
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life, sooner, i hope rather than later -- [applause] [cheering and applause] i think i suspect the thing i'll like most is ditching the annoying little pin. maybe he could replace it with a united nations flag pin. [laughter] that simple little american flag pin, the thing is no better than a nickel it drives liberals bongers. it confuses them. there's a guy like me who seems nighs enough smiling and being polite. i don't foam at the mouth. i'm not making a spectacle of myself. i'm standing there with a little american flag minding my own business announcing in the quitest most reserved way possible that i'm grateful to live in the united states of america. that's all. just gratitude with a sacrifices of my fore bearers. gratitude for the -- men and women who serve the flag in the
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military proudly. gratitude for being a part of this amazing and noablging experiment in representative democracy. boy, liberals hate that. american to them is just okay. not good, not great, not exceptional. okay. about as okay as sweden. not quite as okay as france. when i walk out of the store after coffee shop, i have to admit i chuckle a little bit. i can hear them behind me trying to figure it all out. conservative women mouthy lazies. [applause] you know, if -- liberals would win the gold medal. to see truly elaborate drop the following words in to a conversation. i was thinking about about sarah palin said the other day. [laughter] stand back!
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let the huffing and puffing and sighing and mowning begin! it doesn't matter how you finish the sentence. sarah palin likes chocolate ice cream or sarah palin thinkings coffee is good. sarah palin thinks panda bears are cuddly. the result is going to be a kind of deranged automatic rejection of anything sarah palin says or thinks. try it with ann cowlgter. same reaction. [applause] actually try it with any well-known female who is nonliberal. you get the identical eye rolling. they hate mouthy conservative women. it's a fact. they hate the new jen race of independent, conservative, brash talking women that rejects the 1970s era feminist dogma. it's insulting to liberals for that all the wonderful thing they done, some refuse to show any gratitude. [laughter]
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, i mean, liberals have worked to break down the barriers of sexism when sarah palin broke out they had no choice but to attack her for her looks, her hair, her outfits, her accent, her education, her children, her makeup, for a group of folks that have tried so hard to eliminate sexism from the national discourse, liberals know how to use it when they need to. it's the same with ann coulter she's attacked for the looks, hairing with weight. since we're talking about looks to notice the remarkable improvement over the years in the physical charges of women in the political realm. consider for a moment betty ferdan. one of the first feminist to emerge in the early '60s. now fast forward 2012 consider skeet writer se. quite a difference, won't you say. there was nothing that matched the media elite to the sarah
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palin. sudden of course until you consider the fact she was the normally popular sitting governor in the largest state in america. that the barack obama bothered no one in the mainstream media. he a résume reed thin with double space and extra large fontd it could barely take up a page. [laughter] [applause] >> and my cracker jack research team got their hands on that document on barack obama's résume. back in 2007, when he was looking to ditch the senate gig and move up in life. let me read a little bit for you. objective leader of the free world. experience, 2005, 2007 u.s. senator. in the job description he wrote, talked a lot, voted wrong a lot. 1997, 2004, illinois state senator. he wrote in the job he talked a lot and voted present a lot.
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1990, 1997 university of chicago and other places what he wrote for other employers and listed the jobs as constitutional law professor. he described the work this way, talked a lot, wrote a memoir about my identity crisis. he was sketchy about the years 1985 to 1987 it was hard to remember whom he worked for hep. he was a commune i can organizationer. trained people to organize, organized. for education he listed colombia university and harvard law. he listed the grades as not available. his interests? basketball, marxist literature, writing about myself, talking about myself, making money, and saving the world. yet the mainstream media low and behold fell in love with thely qualify -- they liked why idea
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of black male president. colombia and harvard even if we don't know how he got in to either. sarah palin was a spots caster, got married, helped her husband and ran against a political machine in the state and won becoming to the first as the first governor in the entire state. they went after. rather than swoon and attacked. katie couric tried to derail her she spent a day with her in catching her in a flub. she asked her what papers she didn't name the proper name. she didn't name any. few public figures admit to what newspaper or tv or radio shows they tune to. this was different. it was sarah palin. katie couric had when he wanted
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and threw her under the bus. can you imagine if she exhibited the same zeal with president obama. imagine if she spent a full day with them. how many soldiers are in a bay tollon after stammering and ah she followed up you're asking the country to make a commander in chief of the u.s. armed forces you have no idea in bay talon. i'm sure john mccain knows the answer and sarah palin. she ran the alaska national guard. what a video she knows. it applies to democrat women to liberal women even if misses a great opportunity to stump the future president. you would have figured the pack of shrill slews on the "view" -- [laughter] [applause] -- okay a elizabeth hasselbeck
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doesn't count would have pretendedded to celebrate the announcement. the streets projesus, promilitary sarah palin with every liberal woman's worst nightmare. they hate ann coulter. they comp port to the official version of women hood. if they would just go away. luckily for us, they ain't going anywhere. >> yeah! [applause] [applause] the south racist rebels and red necks. in 1767 charles maison drew a map dividing the american colonies in to the northern and southern region. mason dixon line serves where the north begins andsouth begins. get in to a car drive here go east and south. at some point, someone is going to start calling you sir or madam.
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that's when you know you're in the south. southerners are polite like that. they do that all the time. they have a million different ways to say thank you. they use them. my favorite is appreciate you. i heard a young man say to me in a gas station outside of atlanta. southerners are polite, they honor tradition, god, liberals positivivity despise them. they hate the south. speaking with a southern accent is another way of saying look at me i'm a racist. when liberals hear a a southern dialect what they say is hey, you better brace yourself. i'm about to talk about jesus. when liberals encounter a yes, sir or a no, ma'am what their brain actually hears is hey, i'm a slow witted hill billy without a thought in my head or teeth. [laughter] you know, think he haw meets
7:27 pm
mississippi burning meets sling blade and you get the picture of the south inside the average liberal's head. to the liberals it is a dark scary place filled with clans men and inbreeds, trailer park and fat sheriff from the movie answer the tv shows may make regularly to the thinly israelied -- vails they cannot imagine the south as anything but the kind of place you best avoid if you're car breaks down, or if you're on a rafting trip with friends -- [laughter] [laughter] nothing good can happen? the south. [laughter] once that creepy kid with the guitar starts playing -- [laughter] it's all over. all bets are off. it's easy for liberals to characterize the south that way because so few of them ever actually go there unless it's to take a sneering ironic trip to grace land.
7:28 pm
if liberals did take a wrong turn and end up dr through the realh, the south i know they get a different and to them a disturbing picture of the modern american south. maybe that's what they need to do to understand the country they hate so much. it would be an surprise to discover it has major restaurants, research centers an top rated universities. they would imagine to see how up-to-date it is. they have dentists and cable tv. [laughter] if we could somehow just forcibly march the u ban smug lib railing through mississippi. we could stop for lunch at the delicious places to eat and show the liberals something they infer expect to see. black and white folks eating together. not just at the same restaurant. but together at the same table. it happens a lot. go in to a -- go to a restaurant
7:29 pm
in other liberal part of america, not so diverse. would disturb them they are more integrated than the sophisticated coast cities. it's not memphis or mobile that's stuck in segregation. it's l.a., new york, impossible to liberals will cry. it gets worst. for the last decade african-americans have been moving south in huge numbers. it's a total reverse of the migration of the '40s and 'arizona when they moved north to places like chicago, detroit. now blacks are coming back to the south. impossible! don't the black people know the south is full of red necks and racist. what black families know to the contrary is that the south has better jobs and a better economic future and more important. it's a better place to raise their kids. put this way. they don't say learn to say yes,
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sir or no, sir. they learn that in places like montgomery. the mason dickinson line shows up. it's better to be on the southern side. how much better? the numbers don't lie. according to the latest census figure it was the fastest growing region. they moving to texas at 100 a day. that's why factories open in southern states and bmw opens places in atlantic. the american liberal looks upon this and hates the south like an east berlin hated west berlin. around the world we with have seen it time and time again.
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this is universal truth of history. the south fulfills the same role today. it's existence the heritage and the prosperity expose the liberal project is the -- that's why liberals hate the south. [applause] liberals hate the south what they believe is an environment of ignorant ill billies has defiended are them in affluence and sophistication. they can barely stand it it. there is hope. it flights one southern virtue i yet to mention. the liberal has to find a police to live and work. and that's where southern hospital tailty drives the fig nail. as they pack up to leave california, detroit, or new york. he knows with dread he will hear the words that drive the dagger in to the precious hopes. howdy, neighbor. [laughter]
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[applause] there's no such thing as learning a valuable life lesson from losers. the two plus two who equal five or those who might fewer points than the other team must not be told they are wrong or lost. do so would hurt their precious self-est teem. it's a everybody gets a trophy is ruining the great american little league. if everybody is special what you're saying is nobody is special. think about that for a moment. the obsession with stamping out failure, liberals have stamped out failure close companion, success. without failure, success is meaningless. it can't happen. back in 2010, i spend a few cays on my radio show talking about
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high school graduations and the issue of valedictorians. it's an issue? did some value dick valedictorian go on a crime spree? it turns out that a bunch of schools think that having one is mean spirited. and not very inclusive. and so they are instead now having multiple valedictorians. now, before i proceed with this story, i want to turn to the good folks at mere yam webster to get a term of the valedictorian. the student having the highest rank delivers the address at the commencement exercises. when i wept to school, there was one value value dick or it value valedictorian. they made speeches on graduation day. bad speeches. then there was me. it was a miracle i got any grades at all. no threat of me give any
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speeches. flash hard to 2010 to in "the new york times" story one would not do at the particular school. they went with -- wait for it. seven instead. seven valedictorians. what was the explanation? it turns out it was one guy joe. he was the principal at the high school. he didn't like having one value tick or it began. he said when did we limit the honors so one person gets gluer? well, principal, americans have been saying it for hundreds of years. "the new york times" story got more interesting. it turns out public school administrators across the country are beginning to side with poor joe. here's how "the new york times" explain the reasoning behind the trend. principals say that recognizing multiple valedictorians reduces are preciouses -- from soft mar
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science. lib railings do thing like dispense with beloved tradition like the valedictorian. they decide how to create more ways to honor achievement. i wonder as i was readerring the article why stop at an a. what about the students who came close to an a? went to cause them a lot of emotional damage to come close to an a? why not the kids who got close to getting a b. the b minus students. don't they deserve to be valedictorians too. lions high school in colorado greece with the gar barrage. brace yourself they had ten valedictorians. ten. count them. and stratford high school in the houston pretty much agrees with insanity as well. they honored thirty value dick or valedictorians. 6.5% of the entire class in 2010. they all got gold honor cords.
7:36 pm
thirty. i thought i was mad at principal joe. he looks stingy with the seven. it's not just the public schools now. the disease is spreading in to the companies too. take gm, please, actually americans did take gm didn't we? we bail the out the company and own a huge chunk. take the big banks. can't have them fail. it goes keeping score at the little league game. they hate success and the first cousin competition. if they have it their way we'll be playing a scoreless life. scandinavian style. little variation between success and failure. the second amendment, now listen. this is easy. liberals aren't crazy about most of whats in the constitution it's safe to say what they hate the most is the second
7:37 pm
amendment. let's starts with the very complicated text of the second amendment of the constitution. better settle it inspect it could take a long time. a well regulated malicious being necessary to a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. [applause] [applause] wait a minute. that's it? 27 words? that's what the libs are exercised about? 27 words in english words can't be hard to understand. they managed to confuse the heck out of lick raps. they see all kinds of possibles and interpretation. they see ways to regulate and band handguns to register the gun owners to prohibit sales and all that word sentence the keywords of which are security, free state, and right of the people, and shall not be infringed. they see in the words ways to
7:38 pm
undermine security, concentrate the state and infringe the rights of the people. it's preasessive feet. you have to thanked to them, when they set their mind to it they invert anything. let's make our way through. a malicious they'll say. this is about malicious. we have that. it's called the national guard. yeah. it's a great thing. it's nice to know that some liberals of supportive of the national guard since they disparage it when talking about the bush service in the branch of the service. what the founders were talking about is the necessity of raising a malicious at inty time would which require that citizens supply their own weapons. they knew that weapons distributedded among the citizens were safer than kept in a government controlled armory. they like the idea of a bunch of states, liberals hate that too. that's another chapter in my book. each with the own touches. all linked by a republican government. they managed a union of states with the citizens of the individual state had a fair
7:39 pm
amount of say about what goes on inside it border. it's possible that it opens up the possibility the opportunity for certain states to vote to ban or regulate certain weapons as some have done. but in general, the framers steam encourage the varied an disany difference between the states. liberals hate that. it means like states like utah and texas might be conservative and right-wing law. s. crack pot lefty states like massachusetts and scrment can mandate free mm. it's not enough for liberals. the only kind of freedom they like is make you do what they tell you to do. the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed? i can can have a -- [inaudible] in my front yard? [laughter] you right-wing gun nuts are crazy. yes. i'm sorry but shall not be infringed isn't all that vague of phrase. is it? it means just to go over it one more time. shall not be infringed you can't i think fringe it as in --
7:40 pm
[laughter] or maybe slowly for liberals, it is what it is. now we all know they are in the front yard argument is off topic. no one is talking about regulates them. people don't have those. what they have are rifles and handguns they keep for protection or sport. they want to take them away. here's why they want to take them away. to protect us. that's right. to protect us. nice of them. isn't it? here you were thinking you could protect yourself. according to the last count 30,000 die annually in gun-related accidents. remember that number. 30 30-,000 annually gun-related incidents. about 45,000 die in car crashes. 37,000 die from poison. 20,000 people die from unintentional falls. they didn't say they guns weren't dangerous. they are to invaders and
7:41 pm
thieves. but they were necessary. that's what they said. and that's what liberals hate the most about the sented amendment. it's necessary. it reinforces the constitutional notion of a free and coven people. stth of a country that is a collection of republican state or to put it better, well regulated ma the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be i think fringed. every single word in the sentencings is gives liberals the creepies. they hate it. 20,000 people die every year from unintelligencal falls. that. should have banned ladders. simple fact is freedom is dangerous. it is book more guns less crime author proved in place where there are more guns in the handle of lawful citizens. there's less crime. having a gun prevents all kinds of crime the crimes that didn't happen because a gun was displayed. criminals are cowards. they don't like a fair fight.
7:42 pm
they love picking on the vulnerability. they like picking on night clerks who work alone. a single mom with a gun is scary than an nfl linebacker without one. now that's not just a law school theory either. take the make my day mom. her story was one most of us in america truly loved. except liberals, of course. one night january 2010, a couple of punks decided to celebrate the beginning of the new year by breaking in to the trailer of a young single mom. 18-year-old sara. he had recently lost her husband and the girl was living alone in a trailer with the 3 month old son in oklahoma. that's exactly why the bad guys chose here her. it turns out she had company in the house the thugs didn't anticipate. their names were smith and wees son. [laughter] [laughter] [applause] sara was packing.
7:43 pm
she had shotgun and pistol and she wasn't afraid to use either of them to defend herself or her baby. he called 9-1-1. >> caller: i have two guns in my hand. is it okay to shoot them. >> you have to do whatever you can do protect yourself. you do what you have to do to protect your baby. >> you do what you have to do. she killed one of the men. the other ran away. a fright end coward. [applause] [applause] now, fortunately for sara. she lived in gun friendly conservative take like oklahoma. i'm not an antigun state like massachusetts. liberals don't care what the constitution says. they don't care about facts they certainly don't care about the saras of the world and the right to keep and bear arms. the right to protect themselves. the right of that criminal trying to rob is sara, that's another story. the suburbs, little pink doll houses, and little dull lives.
7:44 pm
ask a liberal why she hates the suburbs and he'll spit out a bill of particular. they hate malls. do people shop at the malls? that's nothing compared to the content for strip malls. i know, what you're thinking. it you have a best buy, a bed bath beyond, and target, who needs nick else? you know, you get all the necessities in one place. you get to enjoy the fresh air as you walk from shop to shop. some strip malls have a buffalo wild wings you can snack while your wife shops. what's not to love? mention walmart and watch them have an aneurysm. [laughter] and you should hear some of the things they say about the rest of the strip malls. they hate the big box stores but a they are too corporate and they put the pop and mom stores out of business. amazon is okay with them. they are thrilled with anything
7:45 pm
on the internet. they hate the way suburbans shop. slopping up whatever giant corporation puts in front of them like dogs. unless the company would be apple. they have to have whatever white gadget coming out. it's going to change the world, man. didn't get them started on suburban cuisine. ask them to go out to dinner, that will scare them. after they said yes, tell them to meet you at 6:00 at the red lobster. [laughter] they'll turn green. or worse, it's the scientific fact that liberals obsess over the grub. the overlap, you know, between food networking viewers and obama voters, is pretty much totaled. only prius owners were reliable more democratic in the with 2008 election cycle. true story, i took a liberal
7:46 pm
friend to dinner to visit me in the suburbs. didn't want to freak him out. i took him to dinner. it is the strip mall chain eateries. he's a foody. he pored over the menu for fifteen minutes. analyzing every dish and ingredient. when the waiter came over he started grilling him. is the salmon farm raised or fresh caught. line caught or net? those mash to scare potatoes what kind of crimers. could i substitute the pasta. the waiter was a kid from a local high school. he might have been 19. he clearly failed the quiz. he ordered a plain pizza. he barely touched. they have too much time on their hands. the reason why is the same reason they love to live in the city and not the suburbs. they don't have kids often times.
7:47 pm
the suburbs were created around a single organizing to make life easy for your families. drive around and count the minivans. liberals hate those. why do people drive them? because nay work. it's easy. then they can make it easy to haul the kids to the soccer practice, and the mall, and they are safe. the suburbs were designed to be functional as the minivan. we have crumby chain restaurant. you can take three kids there for dinner and not get ugly looks and not go broke. why strip malls? we have to pick up extra stuff, a new backpack without losing an entire weekend. we have a dance receipted l. there's laundry, church, and if we work really hard and superefficient we might get to watch a half of a football game later in the afternoon in the
7:48 pm
remembering rooms or the man a caves. television not pretty or sophisticates. that's what suburban life is. people move to the suburbs to have families. we stop checking in to fore square. we don't spend time with friends. we choose to cosomething that we believe is more important. if slightlyless gamous. we don't begrudge our liberal hipster city fans of their city lives. if we're going to be deadly honest. we envy them. the admiration isn't mutual. they hate us. the houses are cookie cutter and the food is offensive and the minivan stink. you tell your liberal friends you're moving to suburbs. you would get more respect if you were getting a sex change operation and changing your name to something crazy. [laughter]
7:49 pm
i'd like to think that deep down the hogs tillty they have about the dull lives is this, they know they're missing out on something real, deep, profound. i'm talking about the secret gratitude one takes in rising a human being taking care of that person, disciplining that person, loving that person unconditionally the way god loves all of us. occasionally, having to bail that person out of jail. been there done that. [laughter] t not always fun. not always great. but it's important raising a family and it's real. does it get any more real than cleaning poop from a child's rear end. the cush suburbs it's about loving someone besides yourself. about losing yourself in someone else's problems. your kids your family. it doesn't get any better than that. [applause] [applause]
7:50 pm
liberals love to hate babies. or my little miracle fetus. walk around any hipster neighborhood in brooklyn or berkeley. the first thing you notice are the baby strollers. they love expensive strollers. in the $12 ,000 change. one company makes a line with mosquito netting for the will bely strolls along the amazon you're going take. and a suspension system that one would expect from a range rover. [laughter] perhaps for those off road adventures with the newborn. the 2012 stroller series is a matter of marvel. as you walk around the monoculture enclave you see guys in scarves and important jeans pushing them and young moms with yoga mats asking caleb, would
7:51 pm
you like the rest of the turkey wrap? caleb, caleb? soon little caleb will be preyousing off to progressive preschool. we don't teach them how to read. we teach them how to scientists. before you know it they'll be playing scoreless soccer and fretting about climate change and global warming. who says they don't love kids? they adore kids. they swallow them up and feed them organic food and carry them until they head off to college until they learn about poetry and get a schedule to sleep in to noon each day and have monday and fry off. they love kids, it's babies they're not crazy about. especially the unbosch kind. it's currently the most troublesome despised character on the liberal horizon. the ceoture cannot win.
7:52 pm
it's will increase the population. they are worried about population growth. it takes a lot of babies to pay for the social state they adore. if they are disposed of anything less than a taxpayer responsibility that is a grim back allie the poor girl is going to die. the idea there is someone to adopt and care for the baby there's a more humane wait is not part of the decision for liberals. the only solution it to make abortions safe, legal, and taxpayer funded. you have a problem with that? what do you skill mom? here's the heart of the problem. babies confuse the heck out of liberals. outed one hand, they represent what every believing far lefty thinks of people. we're helpless, not very smart. they need supervision, they need to be under the control of a hopefully benign leader.
7:53 pm
on the other hand, thinking about babies especially the inconveniently not yet born kind writtens on a lot of complicated bag age. economist show the rise in abortion among the black community since roe v. wade had a -- what he proved was simple and ugly fact. fewer black babies meant fewer young black men and fewer young men in general means crime rates go down. seen from a straight statistical lens abortion is actually a social good to in leftists indeed. there's no limit to the good if we kill off such problem groups like young men before their bosch. think of the benefits, less crime, less lousy television, and awful music. okay. the price we pay for killing off the boys is killing off those cute baby girl to. those little angels are problems
7:54 pm
like their own teen pregnancy. what better way to end the problem too. abort the baby so we can prevent the future abortion. they don't like hearing the the sis. then again, there are lots of things that liberals don't like hearing. the trick is to ignore what they say. congresses trait on what they do. there's more no more doting person than a pregnant liberal. in the same hib steer neighborhood you'll find prenatal yoga classes and rubbing oils. exotic prenatal diet book. special music cd or baby to enjoy. and god for bid someone within 200 yards light up a cigarette. the s.w.a.t. team will arrive in three minutes or less. they behave as if it's a real live baby. they don't like connecting the
7:55 pm
dotses. babies aren't noisy and messy. they make a mess of the liberal mind. once they are born, they step in with orders and commandment about what school and drinks and snacks are eye lowed in the convening machine and sexual information be given out. until the head appears it's hands off that nonbaby. that as yet unborn baby fetus is the property of the host. let's face it, it's a small depressing view of what life is and from whom it comes. birth is a miracle it's unexplainable. liberals hate those. they hate babies. it's a grim world for the lefty. they use the word sustainable for everything. sustainable energy, sustainable foods, sustainable communities, for them things don't get wigger and better, they get sustained. [laughter] life, liberty and the pursuit of
7:56 pm
sustainability. it doesn't have a ring to it. birthrates in liberal communities are so low. birthrates among bible believing christians are so high. [applause] one side things can better. things stink on the other side and stay the same. that's why they hate the babies to be for babies is for real hope. to be for babies is the future. to be babies for better days ahead. [applause] [applause] walmart! what's wrong with everyday low prices? sam walton, a shop owner in arkansas had a big idea. it he could keep the cost low he could undersell the competition. with that competitive advantage you could expand by expanding. you can get more goods and cheaply and sell them at the deeper discount.
7:57 pm
you know how it ends. they barely fifty years after sam opened the first store is one of the largest and successful companies. it operates all over the globe. employs over 2 million poem. and delivers low cost goods to consumer at the reliable and consistent way. how do they coit? apply e fishty and purchasing and squeezing ruthlessly cost out of the supply chain in order to turn the savings in to lower prices for you and me. that means lower prices for 100 million americans a week. that's about a third of the company. country. a global inside study saves nearly $25 00 a year. that barely covers the annual so she budget for the city liberal. [laughter] but it's a nice vacation for the average american family. how do they manage to keep the costs down and the customers coming? former walmart ceo appeared on char lie rose a few years back.
7:58 pm
he asked what it was like to work for sam. he had a terrific story about walton. >> when i didn't perform, sam would have a direct conversation with you. >> what's a direct conversation? >> well, he said . >> why don't you go around the room on a friday morning meeting and there's twenty people in the room. >> a year after you joined? >> yes. i'm sitting in the meeting these are the officers of the company. and sam would have a pen out at the profit loss statement that wasn't particularly good. beget to you. when he was mad at me he point the finger and say your driver uniform cost were up 30% this month. what's going on. you better know. the interesting thing was the whole cost was $1500. but that amount of money meant something to sam. you're darn right it did. and taught me it meant a lot. >> tell that story to the average liberal. talk to person about the dedication and commitment to pass along savings to the
7:59 pm
customers and it changes nothing with them. talk about the state-of-the-art distribution and deliver i i are system. they hate walmart. it is a giant and relentless corporation that delivers prices so low and a selection so broad it's hard for smaller local retailers to compete. a lot have to close. the same can be said for wall greens and cvs and the lummer stores. they give the others a pass. there's wall -- driving on costs down it means it's tough on hourly wages and tight with benefits but not that much tighter than the rest of the industry. the fact is walmart pays slightly less per hour than the retailer. many of the workers are parking lot part timers. any job is better than no job. it can lead to a better job. they should thank walmart. they employ a staggering 1.4
8:00 pm
million americans. that's a remarkable 1.1% of the u.s. total work force. 140 million. liberals and the allies and big labor unit -- labor practices through cost cutting and supply chain management they raise the standard of living employed all kinds of us. they hate us. that don't value efficiency and progress. they don't appreciate bringing low cost goods. ..
8:01 pm
ask yourself who would you rather have to live in your health care, the federal government or walmart? [laughter] who would you have running the federal school system, the local teachers union or walmart? who would you rather have delivering the mail for heaven sakes collect liberals don't hate walmart for antiunion stance or it low prices. they hate walmart because walmart works and liberalism doesn't. [applause] >> one of the greatest environmental tragedies of recent times is the bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico. delete into the pristine crystal clear waters of the golf at an incredible rate of over to me in
8:02 pm
gallons a day and the result was an environmental wasteland, of lifeless and desolate sledge of muck that extended the entire length from louisiana to florida. bp killed nearly all the seed beads in the region and destroyed the fisheries, and took the ones i burned region in the south and turned it almost overnight into an m.d. ghost town. wait a minute. that's not what happened at all is that? that is what the environmental liberal said was going to happen, what they imagine could occur and thanks to the hysterical drama types in the media that is what we all thought is the oil cascading into the gulf. that is with cnn's anderson cooper staked his entire show on week upon endless week from the gulf coast. not because anderson cooper cares one bit about the people in that region. he only visits the region when there something in it for anderson cooper. the people who make their living on the brakes in the gulf of mexico and the people who fish
8:03 pm
the waters and in the restaurants and hotels in biloxi in the florida panhandle they are not anderson cooper sighted people. he wouldn't be caught dead vacationing in panama city or the gulf shores of his life depended on it. he is more of a martha's vineyard southhampton south beach kind of guy or maybe venice beach. [laughter] but for weeks on end there was anderson cooper every night on the gulf coast eviscerating bp, rooting for the oil to wash up on the shores and ruin the place. that's right, anderson cooper was literally rooting for the oil. indeed he was so invested in a bad outcome for bp and a good outcome for himself the peabody award, maybe an enemy, that what he was rooting against was the home team. he was rooting against the people he pretended to care about. he was hoping against hope that the bp's bill would be the worst ecological disaster in world history. he was yearning for those oil-soaked spots to spread and
8:04 pm
and -- to multiply and when that story did not pan out he was disappointed. and the carnage didn't come he must have been down and depressed. two years later here is what we now and not because anderson cooper did extensive follow up reporting. the gulf coast is vibrant and bustling. the beaches are clean. the water is clear. family still vacation and especially on the beautiful barrier islands off the mississippi coast. the fish are back. the fest's shellfish too so what happened anderson? where was this in by rove and apocalypse? as it turned out crude oil leaked into the gulf waters pretty much all the time. it's a natural result of having so much oil under the surface of the seafloor that it seeps out. that is sort of thing about oil in the gulf. there so much oil under the ground it wants out and actually which is why bp and other oil companies are there in the first place. the result of this entirely natural occurrence is the gulf has a natural mechanism to absorb and dispersed huge
8:05 pm
quantities of crude oil, saltwater and algae. the saltwater disburses the oil and then the algae does nifty handiwork by a power much higher than the epa. [applause] so two years later the worst environmental disaster ever in the oily wasteland never happen in two years later it's hard to find any sign of the oil leak in the region and less accountability and send billions of dollars poured into the area by a resourceful bp. what was the reason? and barman was in college kids coming to beaches with paper towels and sponges and skimmers and equipment battling the oil sludge? know it was the saltwater and algae so why the hyperdramatics anderson? wipe why the tears and wails and gnashing of teeth? why is it every time some oil spills we are treated to a melodrama of overacting from the environmental left? it was like one of tse scenes from the arab arab streets with the women in the burkas burkas
8:06 pm
making that noise. that is what environmentalists sound like. every time somebody spill something, you know. why do they do at? why do they react? it's all about the power. the gulf of mexico is going to be a dead zone and we only have three years left to drive our cars and the earth is turning into an an in song or an ice cube. take your pick. they don't know which. more regulations and more laws and with liberals there is only one solution to every problem, one way to clean up an oil spill or solvent energy crisis. give more power which is why they absolutely hate god's algae because the algae doesn't want any power. just wants to be the oil.
8:07 pm
[laughter] the military are monsters in uniform. picture the scene. your hot -- happy autocrat ruling the people and you ordered your subjects what is best for them. they are not always happy but they don't know what toys good for them. sometimes it's necessary to throw your people into some camps and break of their families or eradicate the occasional village here and there. this is the price of border order whether you are progressive, fascism, socialism is islamism or that american dictatorship you call your very own. it's the power of the state that makes everything possible and then one day your whole world is turned upside down. you have done something to anchor the great united states of america. suddenly their american soldier to everywhere destroying your statutes and liberating a people and ungrateful as they are your people are joining the americans in hunting you down and bring you to justice. is you the formerly great testbed of turkestan art driven
8:08 pm
out of your spider hole you realize your destiny has been sealed by the young men and women wearing the uniform of the united states of america. [applause] the liberal vision, one of centralized control, state domination the suppression of individual liberty in the name of progress. many of the autocrats are military. c.s. lewis once remarked the oppressive that tierney's is a tyranny that is exercised for the good of its victims in this describes the project of liberalism today t.. liberalism is the contention that all governance and policy ought to be judged not by its outcomes or its meanings but by its intentions. that is the core ethic of the liberal. it gives us the key to the real reasons the liberals hate the military. the long-standing record of smashing liberal project on every continent in every era. when americans destroy german
8:09 pm
militarism and world war i liberals understood the crestor particular model of centralized aggressive state control that they themselves aspire to. when the americans crushed the axis in world war ii the liberals knew what those powers died a vision of centralist corporis hierarchal governance that they not so secretly revered and when the american military under the despised ronald reagan laid to rest once and for all the hope of communism, liberals once again deprived of the model of totalitarian control for which they had much sympathy. the liberals at berkeley, browner brilliance no doubt has a meltdown at the thought of the confident that tory is america failing to respect the multi-cultures ideas that provide the basis for their whole worldview. where the liberal espouses the equality of cultures the american soldier demonstrates bmre the intrinsic superiority. where the liberal pays lipservice to the validity of all morey's and believes the american marks upon the shins every day to forcibly eliminate
8:10 pm
tyranny and for the liberals ascribe to a creed of american edmonton's and our inability to change the world the american soldier demonstrates that american power changes the world for the better every single day. [applause] peace through superior firepower is a credo of the american soldier lives by. give peace a chance is well a really song by a guy who also imagine no heaven and no countries. the american soldier could never imagine living in that world and that is another thing about liberals, they don't even like american soldiers. they don't like who they are where they come from. how do i say this? listen to the way liberals talk about our soldiers. liberals constantly say things like we are for the soldier but we are just against his mission. that's like being for mcdonald's but against the beef. that is like being for football players but against the coach. for it being for the people who work in corporations but against
8:11 pm
corporations who set themselves oh i forgot that is what liberals think about those things too. telling a soldier you are for him and against his mission may make the liberal feel a little better but not the soldier who is risking his very life for the mission. a disproportionate number of our troops come from the south. they believe in god and love guns in football and nascar and love their country so much they decided to fight for her and maybe die for her. liberals see it a little bit differently. they see soldiers being victims of economic circumstances that compel them to join. they see the militaries and outputs for an educated bumpkins in inner-city kids who join the military because they have no other options. i have yet to seal or blacks i say this to a the soldiers they. don't hold your breath. the smug look on their face might be wiped off in one smack. when the liberal's favorite soldier john kerry returned from his four-month summer vacation in vietnam, cameras and tell he
8:12 pm
flew straight to washington d.c. threw the medals he didn't earn into the potomac and testified before much senators that the guy he was fighting with were a bunch of monsters. liberals ate it all up in the liberal media specially. this ambitious yale man carried the liberal party of the yale political union. he was trotted before the foreign relations committee, committee he would later chair to tell his story about his service to vietnam and how and what stories he told. not even his stories but stories by a group called the winter soldiers project, stories kerry did kerry did not bother to fact check. why bother when they figured the stories were largely proven to be pure fabrication? it didn't stop john kerry or prompt even an apology. >> they told the stories and times a day personally, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human and turned up the power. cut off limbs, randomly shot at
8:13 pm
civilians, razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of genghis khan. >> genghis khan, unbelievable. he spoke in their masterpiece theatre accent. [laughter] and you know when you listen to his description sounds like an average week for saddam hussein and his sons when they ruled iraq. kerry was describing the american soldier. he was happy to smear all g.i.s and do so with that dour hoddy pomposity that if we have come to know and dislike kerry for him to advance his own standing in his own political career. here's how he describes his fellow soldiers. the country doesn't know it yet but it has created a monster, monster in the form of millions of men who have been taught to deal and trade in violence and were given a chance to die for the biggest nothing in history he said. the liberals really a bad up in john kerry, the warrior from the
8:14 pm
liberal cause kept on baiting them more and more. when asked about why he thought our soldiers the so-called monsters he described did what they did in vietnam, john kerry went straight for the cultural jugular. >> i think clearly the responsibility for what has happened there, i think it lies in a large part within this country which allows a young child before he reaches the age of 14 to see 12,000 violent deaths on television, which glorifies the john wayne syndrome, which puts out fighting man comic looks on the stand. >> john wayne syndrome? i didn't know liking john wayne was a disease senator blueblood. kerry didn't blame the soldiers. they just couldn't help themselves because the country they grew up in those john wayne movies in the comic looks to turn those poor guys into monsters. that is what liberals think about our soldiers in the country they serve and then
8:15 pm
there is one last reason liberals really despise the military. his name is george s. patton and all that he epitomizes. [applause] i love just running for some of his most famous quotations. it gets every liberal a migraine. he said the good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect lan executed next week. liberals hate that one because they are always in search of perfection. he said if everyone is thinking alike then somebody isn't thinking. [laughter] the liberals hate that patton gem because they seek conformity and then there's this patton's classic. the battle is the most magnificent competition. brings out all that is best and removes the all bad is -- all men are afraid in battle he said. the coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty, duty is the essence of manhood he said. battle, competition, winners,
8:16 pm
losers, duty to country, manhood? that is what liberals hate the u.s. military because our soldiers believe in all of that stuff crazy old patton believed in they are willing to pay the ultimate price. [applause] immigrants, give me your tired poor undocumented workers. liberals love to say that they love immigrants and the minute you turn your back on them the rascals go about obtaining legal and illegal immigrants against one another. is really worse in africa they pretend there's not a difference between the two. did you ever watched the debate about illegal immigration? why do you see if you notice what i've know this. in some point during the compensation whoever is arguing for amnesty for illegals will stop using the word illegal in front of the word immigration and most are talking about immigration as if it's all the same. during the debate it usually takes a few minutes for the person on the other side of the debate to notice the word
8:17 pm
illegal has been dropped. is like that old bugs bunny cartoon where he and daffy duck are trying to convince omar fled that it's time to hunt the other guy. it's duck season. it's rabbit season. and then you remember bugs will throw the quick switch and say it's rabbit season and daffy won't know and he will automatically blurt out its duck season. bugs will smile and say okay have it your way. it's duck season and elmer -- blows his big right off. that is the game liberals love to play with this issue. they draft the illegal part from illegal immigration and they don't see a difference between the two and they don't want us to either. there's a difference between someone who came here legally and someone who's not then and remains in violation of our laws and when they debate the issue they want to blur the distinction. i guess there's no difference between robbing a banking using the atm either. both cases you are taking money
8:18 pm
out of the bank right? the group who really knows are the immigrants themselves, the people in europe india china and all over the globe waiting in line to fill out the forms and obey the law. they are now lumped together by liberals and the millions still waiting in line for this open spaces that the illegal immigrants keep taking. that doesn't bother liberals because liberals hate immigrants as much as they hate rules. let's set the record straight, it illegal immigrants are america's greatest for noble resource. from the first days of our country people of come to our shores because they want an american promise freedom and opportunity. nobody across the ocean because they heard in america the government gives you stuff. there's a special loan program for people with a certain race or ethnic background. the immigrants who came here legally did not just long ago but recent ones to didn't come here to change america. they love america the way it is. they came because the idea of america place that rewards hard work and encourages
8:19 pm
entrepreneurs and places family and freedom and got higher than anything else powerful and attractive and worth sacrificing is why they come. no one is more patriotic than an migrant which is like immigration process is such an important one. [applause] liberals don't see it that way. liberals are looking for the group of victims to help. illegals are the perfect category since most illegal immigrants are from spanish-speaking countries liberals want to make spanish the official second language of american they want schools to teach spanish and government offices to offer bilingual services. they want to offer easy citizenship. in other words they don't want illegal immigrants to change into american. on the contrary liberals want to use them to change america. it's all a transaction for liberals. they make illegal legal and that gives liberals the votes they need. give is your vote and we change america. that is the deal for them.
8:20 pm
since there are somewhere between 10 and 15 million illegal immigrants in the united states that represents an awful lot of votes which is why liberals will do almost anything to win them over and that is why liberals hate the immigration process processes process to sell. immigrants are compelled to go through a process to become americans. we make them memorize those silly facts about american history the ones are on kids don't even know. we actually give them a test and if they pass the test we make them take it over. oh the horror. here is the al. i hereby declare i absolutely and entirely entirely renounce all fidelity to any foreign potentate state or sovereignty of whom or which i am here to for subject our citizens that i was supporting defend the constitution of america against enemies foreign and domestic but i will bear true faith in the allegiance of the same and bear arms on behalf of the united states when required by the law
8:21 pm
that i will perform noncombatant service in the armed forces of the u.s. required by law that i will perform work of neshell importance under civilian direction when required by the law and i take this obligation freely without mental reservation or purpose so help me god. no wonder liberals hate illegal immigration. every year on -- i play a soundbite on my radio show from his speech at the american film institute in 1982 after he received a life achievement award. he was a first-generation immigrant who gave us its classic movies as it happened one night and you can't take it with you, mr. smith goes to washington and it's a wonderful life. it's a wonderful life and he. in the 1982 speech he talked about america and the journey that brought him here. >> nearly 79 year's ago i celebrated my sixth birthday in the black dark hole of the creaky ship rammed with
8:22 pm
terrorized immigrants. 13 days of misery and then the ship stopped and my father grabbed me and carried me up the steep iron stairs to the deck and then he shouted chico, look at that. at first all i saw were people on their knees crying and rejoicing. my father cried, that is the greatest light since the star of bethlehem. play looked up and there was a statue of the great -- holding a lamp over the land and my father said, it's the light of freedom. remember that. freedom. finally, there is something i
8:23 pm
must say with some other members of my family, and i believe that they will hear me. big rather been, josephine, johnny, remember the day we arrived at at the southern pacific station here in los angeles? and papa and mama kissed the ground flax look, the american film institute has given me its life achievement award. and for that i am thinking them and all my friends who have come here. but for america, just for living here, i kissed the ground. thank you very much. [applause]
8:24 pm
>> now lets face it, if you are liberal you probably did not get a chill like we did over frank capra's immortal words in that speech. let's face it i don't think we are in any danger witnessing a typical liberal offering to kiss the ground of the united states of america any time soon. and finally, e pluribus unum, from the one many. the great seal got everything the liberals despise right up there front and center. in the first place you have your eagle holding euros. what good can those arrows serve besides celebrating the bloodlust of liberals the get america? it doesn't matter to them in the root eagles right talent he's clutching the olive branch of peace they can appoint the teddy roosevelt made 150 years later with the words speak softly and carry a big stick. liberals don't think we need those sharpened arrows. the rules would prefer the bald eagle on the great seal was holding olive branches in both
8:25 pm
talents, or better yet an olive branch in one and maybe a soft cushion in the other. [laughter] that of course would entice her enemies to lie down and snooze or maybe the olive branch and a bottle of lavender massage oil. or perhaps one of those loofah sponges they use in the spas are coax by anything from the bridgestone catalog would suit the post is fine. the key for liberals would be to get rid of those awful arrows. we don't need a big stick. we just need a couple of nerve toys and that is another thing that is wrong with this feel to them. the eagle looks too angry, hurtful and judgment of. liberals given the choice would replace that scary eagle with something more loving and more gentle, something like the popular children's tv figure barney the purple dinosaur. i love you the great seal would project to who all who gaze at
8:26 pm
it, big purple dinosaur holding a juice box and a gender nonspecific plush toy. what about the most troublesome part of the great seal? what about that awful motto d. purpose in them latin for out of many, one? it flutters around the purple dinosaur's head out of many one is the one national motto and the founders thought it had the great celebrated differences between us comes one nation. e. per busy and is perhaps the most obnoxious motto of the founders could come up with. they don't mind the igor of this part but they positively despise the denim part. the truth is the founders anticipated this and they gathered to form a nation centuries ago. they were collection of very different men. the puritans for the north and not totally friendly relationships with the quakers in pennsylvania who hated the
8:27 pm
cavaliers who in their part viewed the scotch-irish with contempo they were at e pluribus unum and they knew of america was to succeed it would have to find some way to get in the numb out of all of that lure of us. liberals hate this. they hate any attempt to find common ground among americans because their political principles and their political agendas all about dividing us in drawing distinctions in making lists of in groups and out groups turning us into victims or victimizers. in 1994 al gore gave a speech at the institute of world affairs in milwaukee about you guessed it, world affairs. this is during some downtime and is truly remarkable career somewhere between the time he invented the internet and discovered global warming. in that speech the subject turned to e pluribus unum. he said quote we can build a collective civic space large enough for all are separate identities that we could be e pluribus unum, out of one many
8:28 pm
he said. out of one, many. that is what he said. i swear those were his words. gore was quickly mock to form what many thought was a gaffe or an error. it was a freudian slip because it was what the liberals want the latin phrase to mean, i've won i'm one many. contrast this with a speech from dr. very orange president of hillsdale college a wonderful place where students are required to study the constitution. he was addressing the ways in which a bill of rights creates harmony among americans. one may pray all he pleases and others are left free to pray or not. with all their property and tax short of slander or libel or treason one may say what he pleases and do no harm to another. one can see how the right to property, property conceived has the same attribute. is my property is the fruit of my labor and not of yours and we have no conflict. having my goods deprives you of none of yours and you're having your goods leads me secure in
8:29 pm
mind. the interesting thing about understanding of rights is the harmony of society. this harmony or tease the political term this justice is the reason why our constitution has lasted so long in our nation is prosperous so well. a brilliant point. liberals love to talk the harmony talk but our founders walk the harmony walk and we the people have been the beneficiaries. so let's go back to where we began. we fixed the seal and eagle is now purple dinosaur and the arrows are a plush toy and a kid strength of the motto remains tricky. e pluribus unum great? baby oppressed? omnipotent? government, not god let something like that which brings us of course to all 50 chapters of "50 things liberals love to hate" and it's a blast for me to read them all. and only takes a minute and we are we are going to go pick. mcdonnell nascar steakhouses pilgrims john wayne george

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